Get Ready to Pack and Travel Again

Clara Sun Woo Liquid Leather Jacket - Gun Metal

If you haven’t been “anywhere” in a while, with the holidays quickly approaching, chances are you might be doing some travel soon. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a flight that will take you away for a longer stay, we’re carrying a line of clothing that’s perfect to pack for traveling. This fall we’re featuring an amazing collection of Clara Sunwoo clothing featuring fabrics that are light, soft and comfortable and best of all, wrinkle-free! When you’re traveling and preparing to pack get-away clothes you need to be sure your items are easy to wash and suit-case friendly.  At Lulu Clothing & Accessories we’re very careful about the merchandise we source because we want to bring the best selection of cutting edge fashioned and careful tailoring to our customers. We can help you stylize a look that features classic yet modern clothing design that will make you feel relaxed, feminine and well put together for anytime day or night. From leather front / knit back leggings and jackets to ruffle draped tops and reversible tank tops we can outfit you for just about every aspect of your trip. And let’s not forget to pack accessories to easily change up your outfits while you’re on the go. From vintage vibe scarves, to easy to pack and wear wraps, to trendy bags and an amazing collection of modern and fashionable jewelry, we have you covered from top to bottom.


At LuLu Clothing and Accessories  we have a signature sense and talent for what styles, cuts and fits are just right for our customers. Visit us often. Follow us on Instagram

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